Tips For Relationship Bliss


1. Without quality
time, your relationship will not survive. Carve out at least half an hour a
night, and at least one day a month when you the two of you spend time
exclusively together.
2. You will both need
security, comfort. A good relationship is built on compromise and a great deal
of give and take on both sides.
3. Keep your
dependence and independence in balance. Tell and show your partner how much you
need him, but don’t cling, as that can make your partner feel trapped.
4. Encourage
him to listen to you, by showing appreciation when he does. By the same token,
show interest when he talks to you. Be aware that most men aren’t mentally
programmed for conversation in the way women are. They need more silence and
internal time.

5. Make him appreciate you.
Don’t wait for a spontaneous compliment, but say something good about yourself
and ask for his agreement.
6. Learn to do the
one thing that is most likely to restore good feeling in your relationship –
giving your partner a genuine, loving and approving smile.
7. Often those subtle quirks that first attracted you to
your partner can, with time, turn around and become toe-curlingly annoying
habits. Learn to love him, warts and all.
8. Hidden resentments
poison a relationship; so if something bothers you, say it. Remember that while
men are wary of emotional conversations, they love to find solutions. Express
your problem and then ask him to help you find the answer.
9. Learn that punishing
your partner won’t work. It may make you feel better to give him a hard time,
but it will actually make him dig his heels in more. A better tactic is to
reward the things you like and ignore what you don’t like.
10. Mind your manners. “Please,”
“thank you” and “you’re welcome,” can go a long way in
helping your partner remember that you respect and love him and don’t take him for granted
11. Variety is the spice of life. Studies
have shown that dullness can lead to dissatisfaction with a relationship.
Trying something new can be as simple as visiting an unfamiliar restaurant.
12. The couple that plays together, stays together. Find
a sport or hobby that you both love (no, watching TV does not count) and make
that a priority in your relationship. Whatever it is, find something you enjoy
doing together.
13. Fight right. In
order to have productive arguments, keep these rules in mind. Don’t call your
spouse names. When things get really tough, take a break from the argument. Let
the other person finish his/her sentences. Don’t initiate a discussion when
you’re angry. 
Posted by: Funke Oguntuga


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