The Ideal Man


you ever wondered why some guys have all the luck when it comes to women? It’s no secret that
certain archetypal males have been proven over and over to be irresistible to
women — and it’s not simply because of their  good looks or a
well-defined six pack.

The truth is that women tend to be attracted to
certain personality traits and so, naturally, they flock to the men who possess

Below are seven of these “ideal types”
of guys that women are drawn to, and an explanation as to why these guys are so
appealing. But don’t freak out or permanently alter your personality if you
don’t fit into any of these categories exactly — women will see right through

Ideally, you should exude some traits from each
of these different categories; in fact, you probably already do. With a quick
perusal of the list below, you should be in much better shape to understand
what women are looking for, and most importantly, to make sure that you fit the

1. The Romantic Guy: He
believes in classic romance. He
is constantly bringing her flowers and chocolate and lighting candles during
dinner. He calls her often to let her know he is thinking about her and looks
into her eyes and tells her how he feels.

Why he is so irresistible: A woman
loves to feel appreciated, and the romantic guy makes this happen. He uses
romantic gestures to show her he is thinking about her. As an added bonus, she
feels free to reciprocate and act on her own romantic tendencies.

2. The Confident Guy
He is totally secure and sure of himself.
He is assertive in public and gives off an aura of power and control (within
reason of course, as the “cocky guy” is not on this list). In a
relationship, he doesn’t get jealous of other men; he doesn’t feel threatened
by his girlfriend’s male friends or coworkers.
Why he is
so irresistible:
 Women are attracted to confident men. Consider this: If you think you are great, she
will probably be influenced to think the same. The confident man doesn’t seek
approval from women, and this makes them want him even more.

……… be continued.

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