Placing Value On Yourself


 I received quite a few comments from people telling me that they have no control over the thoughts they have or the people they hang around with……….I don’t normally say this, but they are wrong, so wrong that I thought I had better highlight a few of my views on this subject.We all have a choice, and I fought with myself about writing the first paragraph in this post. it is not up to me to tell people they are wrong in the way they think. However, after reading the following quote today, I changed my mind.

“If you put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise it” Anon
Now, what has this to do with having control over your thoughts and the people you hang around with? I believe everything. When you value yourself, and the contributions you can and do make to your world, you don’t sell yourself short by being with people who continually make you feel miserable. Unfortunately sometimes these people may be family or friends. If this is the case, and by being with these people, you feel devalued, maybe its time to limit the time you spend together. Or at the very least, understand that their thoughts and actions, are not THE TRUTH.
Do you see my dilemma? On one hand I am saying people are wrong in their beliefs that they have no power to control who they spend time with, and on the other I am saying that my thoughts and actions are not necessarily YOUR TRUTH.

Therefore, I will finish with this…….if something is not working in your life, isn’t it time you valued yourself enough to make changes? If you put up with behavior from others, and yes, even from yourself, that is not in your best interests, place a higher worth on your life and  make the changes. YOU are the only person who can determine what the best is for you. I know there are many organizations and groups to guide you. Take their information, do what is right for you, and live with value.

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