A Nagging Wife


As couples get down to the business of living some time after marriage, they often realize that two people might not see eye to eye on how things are to be done around the house or in the relationship. Very often one partner draws back while the other goes overboard and one likely scenario is a husband who is fed up of his wife’s complaining and whining. 
So if you find refuge behind the newspaper while your wife hammers on, listen up and learn to deal with a nagging wife.

Keep the context in mind

Nagging is one of the easiest – but not necessarily effective –
ways a wife seeks to make her displeasure known. If you find her out of sorts
all of a sudden, think about what may have caused the change and in nine out of
ten cases you will find that you have done something to irritate her. Maybe you
had promised your wife that you would be home by eight and then forgot all
about it when an emergency meeting came up. And once you return home tired and
hungry, you find that your wife is all ready to start nagging. In such a
situation, tell her the truth and apologize for not being able to make a call
to let her know that you are going to be late. 
Your wife may continue to let
off steam, but once she knows that you are telling the truth and have accepted
your slip up, she will surely calm down. 
One of the most effective ways to deal
with her nagging is therefore to find out what has caused her to boil over and
quickly address the situation.
……concluding part in 24hrs.

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