Does he loves you???


….because of the nature of human, which can be traced to
creation, it is often difficult for us to know exactly if our partners truly
love us or not, however, certain modalities stand as a good test to determine
how much love our partner have for us at a given time and circumstance. I am
quite sure that sometimes in our lives, we have been stocked in the middle of a
relationship, not knowing what to do, whether to move front or to go back; our
mind is just confused on what to do or what not to do. This always arise as a
result of either insecurity of the mind or past negative experiences, which
often leads to the destruction of trust in people thereby making it difficult
for us to ascertain the veracity of our partner’s love for us.
So, how do you know
if he/she loves truly loves you?
Please send in your answers and comments…….

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