how to overcome fear in marriage


Some men and women today are now scared to get married because of many
reasons. One of the reasons why they have fear of marriage is because of the
continuous high divorce rates. When you look at the statistics, about 40% of
marriages end up in divorce and if the couples don’t divorce, they will end up
in a disappointing stage in their marriage.
However, you need to understand what marriage is and its importance to you
in order to make a decision whether or not to get married. Feeling this way is
natural and here are the things you can do to overcome your fear of marriage
and enjoy a long lasting relationship.

  •  Plan your married life. It is highly important to discuss
    all your concerns before committing yourself to someone who you will spend the
    rest of your whole life with. Do not hesitate to discuss questions to your
    partner like – How many children will you have? Who will be responsible in
    managing the money? Will both spouses work or will the wife stays at home and takes care of the
    kids? These questions will not only prevent conflict when you get married but
    planning all these things will also make you closer and good decision makers.
  •   Know the reasons why you are scared. Take a close look at
    the basis of your fear. As human beings, emotions are important and one should
    pay attention to feelings. Ask yourself if your fear of marriage is general or
    non-specific. Many people are scared of marriage because of chances of its
    failure. The most important thing to do is to realize your fears before saying
    I do.
  •  Decide whether or not you have chosen the right person.
    Always remember that you should not marry the person that you can live with for
    the rest of your life, instead marry the one whom you cannot imagine yourself
    living without. Never be pressured into marrying someone. There are times when
    your fear of marriage comes from doubts regarding the person who you are
  •  Remember that marriage is not always a bed of roses. You
    have to realize that no marriage is perfect neither you nor your partner. Marriage
    is a hard work and it will take your whole life to complete it. Fights will
    usually happen and problems will come up. The secret to a successful marriage
    is finding a harmonious way on how to deal with these bumps in the road and be
    ready when disagreement happens. 
  • Seek pre-marital counseling. When you seek some
    professional help from a marriage counselor or a psychologist, it doesn’t mean
    that you are having problems but you are finding ways to get well-prepared, how
    to have a successful married life and also how to overcome your fear of
  •  Being honest with yourself and your partner. Before
    wearing that wedding ring, be honest with yourself and your partner.  Before the wedding, you have to come clean
    with no worries and be knowledgeable on how to overcome future marital problems
    or troubles. Keep in mind that if you allow your fear of marriage to prevent
    you from settling down, you might be single for the rest of your life. Do not
    be afraid to take the risk and accept the responsibilities you are facing.


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