All of our dreams………….


Well, my greatest reward, I think, is that I’ve been able to build myself. I’ve been able to enjoy good health, and the way I feel today, I feel like I can still go on being part of more healthy, happy, active years of business, and also, to have the public appreciate and accept what I’ve done all these years. That, that is a great reward. … Well of course, happiness is a state of mind. You can be happy or you can be unhappy. It’s just according to the way you look at things. You know. So I think happiness is contentment but it doesn’t mean you have to have wealth. But all individuals are different.

How often have you told yourself this: “I’d LOVE to pursue my dream … BUT …
1. I’m not an expert
2. I’m too young/too old
3. People tell me to get a “real job”

4. It’s tough in the “current climate”
5. People don’t support my dream
6. What if I fail?
7. I don’t have time
8. I don’t like people
9. It’s “risky”
10. I’m waiting to be inspired
11. I’m planning on thinking about possibly doing it sometime … maybe
12. I probably can’t beat the competition
13. I don’t know what I’m doing!

How long have you been believing these excuses?

The truth is NOW IS THE TIME TO START. Not tomorrow. Not next week. And not when you feel “motivated” or “inspired”.
But I know it’s not that simple. I have lied to myself for a long time too. I have made a million excuses. But it took a few traumatic events before I finally realised the following:
You’re Luckier Than the Majority of the World

Chances are that millions of people out there would DIE to live the kind of life you do. If you’re reading this, it’s highly probable that you live in a place where starvation, war, and death aren’t daily realities. Chances are that some of your major “worries” in life revolve around mundane things like paying off your mortgage, buying a bigger TV, or – the big one – trying to figure out what you want to do with your life (which is quite a luxury when you think about it).
We should ALL consider ourselves lucky that we’re reading this because we HAVE OPTIONS that millions of others don’t. And we only have them through sheer LUCK. Do you realise the unbelievable odds that were against you being born in a stable society with choices and opportunity around you?
Don’t squander your good fortune on living a mundane existence. If you have choices and options (which you most certainly do!), then you owe it to yourself to make this life count. After all …
You Will Die One Day

I know it’s not pleasant to think about. But, no matter how much we pretend we won’t, WE WILL ALL DIE ONE DAY (hopefully not all at the same time due to some catastrophic environmental disaster … but I digress!).
Just think about that for a minute…
Imagine not existing.
Imagine never waking up again.
Imagine never seeing your friends, family, and close ones again.
Imagine never seeing the beautiful world around you again.
Imagine having completed your ONE and ONLY “turn” at life (you DON’T get a second chance, remember that).
What would you miss? What would you regret? What would you wish you had at least TRIED before time was up? Which dreams will you have left unfulfilled?
You’re still here. You’re still alive. And you’re still reading this post (which probably means you are in the top 5% of the world’s population who are actually literate).
You can still HAVE IT ALL in life, but it’s time to get moving RIGHT NOW.
Remember – you ARE one of the luckiest people on the planet, and you are actually still ALIVE. Those two things are enough for you to be able to accomplish ANYTHING in life.

……all of our dreams can come true, if we purse it.

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