Show some love to the sick too(Heartminders support walk against cancer)


The act of caring for a loved one who is sick or
disabled is a way of saying, “I love you.”  Just as there are many
languages spoken on the planet, so, too, there are languages of love. The
languages of love are not always expressed in words—they are expressed in many
different ways.
Love through Acts of Service
Your life is filled with
moment-to-moment opportunities for acts of service.  “Once I realized that Dad loved my “acts of
service”!  I used to think of the chores like cooking, cleaning and
driving him to the doctor as him stressing me too much. When I grew older, got
married and left for my husbands’ I visited him one day and he said, Adunni, I miss
your sumptuous meal, you driving me to see my doctor and putting my room in
order. These chores mean “I love you,” to Dad!’I didn’t know this then and now I
go through the to-do list with greater joy.”

Expressing Love with Time

It doesn’t matter how much I do for Mom. It’s never enough. I brought her
the meal she loves, ran errands and make her hair myself.
Unlike words, which are infinitely renewable resources, time is limited. For
most of us, time is in short supply.  Time may well be the gift that is
the most challenging to give, and that is one reason it is so appreciated. Find
creative ways to spend time together.  Run errands together.  Take
your mum, sis and bro to their favorite restaurants or even go to the art
museum café and listen to the rain.  You might ask your mother to tell you
stories about what it was like when she was a girl.  Or you can recount
vacation stories and laugh at the disasters.  If you simply cannot sit
still, consider renting a movie or playing a game of cards. 
The heartminders project joined Exquisite magazine to walk against cancer on
Saturday September 1st, 2012. Check out how much fun we had…….

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