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The heartminders blog will start posting romance news and rumors, wedding gists, wedding anniversaries, who is dating who?, latest scoops, the break-ups and make-ups of your favorite celebrities all over the world. if its about relationships, love, marriages and you need to know, then you have to keep a tab on me and get closer because if i don’t tell you……… who will???

Make heartminders blog your daily companion and put a spark in your love
life with healthy and soul lifting article, news and now, a mentoring
program . Marriage mentoring is important for marriages in that it gives
couples a
place to turn to when they experience the struggles — normal and
otherwise — in their relationship.

 There is great benefit when you get
with another couple to help you walk through the issues that they
themselves have already successfully navigated. It can really help bring
insight and perspective to the situations most all couples encounter.
The links on the right are resources that give information on how to
start a mentoring program. Mature and established couples who have “been
there, done that” need to step up to the plate and start a mentoring young adults and that’s why the heartminders project has taking the lead by getting these achievers to mentor upcoming singles and newly weds in our Quintessential couple project…..

watch out!!

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