Is Wedding Anniversary Important?….Yes!!!


For those of you that are married, the answer to this question is a
no-brainer. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate wedding
anniversaries –
the most important being that if you don’t, you are likely to NOT remain
married for long. According to some pretty biased statistics from jilted
around 45% of all men forget their wedding anniversary each year. (Poor

Why? How? And for their sake, what is so important, emotional,
beneficial about the anniversary to begin with?

The anniversary for many married people (mostly women) marks another year of
togetherness, where divorce was avoided, bringing you one-step closer to
defying the odds against you. It also gives you bragging rights to show all
those people that thought it would never last, that it has and it is! .

And let’s
be real, nothing is more fun that shoving pie in people’s face who thought you
were going to fail. Of course, you still have a long way to go till death do
you part, so you may want to save your gloating for later.
 But isn’t it more than that? One of the most meaningful days in your life
was the day you got married. You didn’t know it then, but it was also probably
the most transitional.

The wedding day marks the end of childhood things and
fancies, ideals of white picket fences and dreams that love is all that
matters. From that day forward, a couple begins to grow together and apart,
often simultaneously, reevaluating everything they thought was important in a
life mate and a marriage.

 As months and years pass – sometimes it feels like
its all for not. You realize along the way that you aren’t going to change
people and that relationships are more about tolerance, compromise, and
compassion than they are about love. So what’s not to celebrate when you make
it another year? And if you are basically happy…then you have the number one
reason to celebrate wedding anniversaries.


Another reason to celebrate anniversaries is because it is a day, the only
day that is just between the two of you. Sure, others may have been married
this same day. But this is the day that the two you stood across from one
another, in front of God, friends, and family and outwardly admitted your love
for one another.

You stood there with wild optimism, hopes, and dreams that
were strung from your heart straight to your partner’s and believed…as a child
believes in Santa, that it all would come true. And hopefully it will.

are few times in life when the human spirit and heart are so passionately
connected to another that they are willing to thrash aside reason, warnings and
common sense to take a leaf of faith with another human being, like you did the
day you got married.

Get it yet guys?

If you are a
younger married couple with a fancy for partying and nightlife, you
could consider heading out for a passionate night of dancing at a local
club. The wild atmosphere and the vibrant music could help to create a
memorable and non-traditional occasion that the two of you will look
back at fondly. There are usually a variety of night clubs that cater
specifically to couples, and if you live in a large city it shouldn’t be
too difficult to find one.

There are other reasons to celebrate anniversaries as well, even if the day
doesn’t belong to you. Other married people in your life should also be
recognized and commended for their years together. Exactly what went on between
them during the years separated by this one day, you might never know.

if they are standing together on yet another wedding anniversary they know
something about strength, love, commitment, and compromise. Likely, they have
something to teach us all.

Sure, men forget the dates. Charge them with that on the simply basis that
they are left brained individuals, more dedicated to the future than the past.
Women on the other hand live their life in the right brain of emotion. It doesn’t
really matter.

Whether remembered or forgotten, the presence of your partner on
that day….should mean everything and more and give you even more incentive to
keep on loving one another.

If you are looking for reasons to celebrate anniversaries, you likely have
to look no further than the way you felt on your wedding day.

 Maybe you feel
the same today. Maybe you don’t. But definitely you are together and that my
friend, says a whole heck of a lot.

Happy Anniversary! To Barrack and Michelle Obama; world’s most celebrated


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