What do ladies want? (Intro)


Relationships today are complicated and can be very confusing. Men want one thing, women may want another.

baby Thiago
Messi’s girlfriend, Antonella

So how do women truly learn how
to understand a man, his motives, his wants, his needs?
men only want sex from a woman and nothing more. Once he gets what he
wants, he never calls her again. That is why it is important for a woman
to take her time getting to know a man before jumping into bed with
him. How do women avoid men like that and find a good man?

Women worldwide would benefit from a lesson in understanding men. It is
helpful to know how some men behave, and what makes them behave the way
they do. Some types of men are shy, but are they shy because they are
afraid of confrontation, or are they shy for some other reason? Other
men are narcissistic. They love themselves above anything or anyone else
in the world. Can a woman change a man like that?

When a man seems too good to be true, it is very important that you check him out before going too far into the relationship, and certainly before you marry him or move in with him. It is not unusual for a man to invent a background that he thinks his new woman would approve of. She needs knowledge in understanding men.

 She needs to find out what his friends are like, what his family is like, and how he treats them. If he has few friends and no family, then she should be suspicious.

To be continued…

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