Husband and wife: Who pays what?


Nowadays, many homes have 2 bread winners. When a husband is not able to keep a steady job,the onus in on the wife to make ends which usually add to the burden she already feels regarding the household and caring for children.  If because of  illness or disability the husband is not able to work,that is a different matter.  Perhaps, the husband had recently lost his job,that is discouraging for the man and he needs to be emotionally supported, however we are talking about during normal times. It is hard for a wife to gave love connections with a husband who does not help to support the family.

Most husband feel guilty if the wife is the sole source of support
financially but some men are content to let their wife bear the whole
burden. I am not trying to imply that women should never work. The
problem we are talking about now is not whether or not the wife should
work or even how much but whether or not the husband is doing is part.

 Some men do work, but there wives have been devastated because of the
irresponsible way their husband handle money. Some of them recent their
husbands for relying on them to bring money home and raise the children
while they sit around and do minimal work,  waiting for the “right job”
or not being able to keep a job.

 Many wives have come to me for advise,
bitter that they have less time to care for their children and
everything else because their husbands are irresponsible.  This has
caused many heartache and much resentment
Husbands,  you
will go a long way in helping your wife feel loved and respected if you
are a responsible leader in the area of supporting your family

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