Marriage Proposal Ideas


 It is every girl’s dream to be asked “The Question.” But what guys are
lacking is the romance and creativity to ask such an important
question.Ladies do not want the ordinary scenario. What exactly is the
ordinary scenario? It is the guy getting down on one knee and just
proposing. I am here to give you ways to
propose, and I am sure your girl of your dreams will say yes.

These are just romantic ways to propose to someone.

Candle lit Dinner. This is a classic but a great way to pop the
question. Guys set the mood, by preparing and cooking your significant
other their favorite dinner.

– Food/ Champagne. Sipping on champagne and feeding each other their
favorite foods sets the mood. Most girls love being fed by their

– Song/Singing. Singing a song of love to the one you are proposing is
like a sweet lullaby. Any girl would love to hear a guy who loves her
sing her a love song.

– Theatre Screen. Have you ever imagined seeing your name on a large
theatre screen? Contact the movie theatre to rearrange for them to have
the marriage proposal message on the screen right before the movie

 – Radio Proposal. Phone your local radio station, the station you know she will be
tuning into. What would you say on the radio? That is clearly up to
you. But it should be something memorable and sweet. You don’t want her
to hate what is being said. Have the radio play your “song,” together,
and a sweet proposal following before or after the song. Then have her
phone in after the song to give her answer over the radio waves. Any
girl would love any guy would have the guts to propose over the radio
waves in front of thousands of people listening in.

As little girls we dream of the day our prince will sweep us off of our
feet and propose marriage.

What is a marriage proposal? It is to ask the significant other if they will marry you.
A marriage proposal is a commitment between two people who are deeply, passionately in love.

To propose is a magical time in a woman’s life. We wait for this
moment since we were little girls. If you want to capture the woman of
your dreams heart propose to her in a sweet romantic well that she would
never forget.
A girl never forgets the prince who propose to
her. Even if the guy isn’t her true prince, the one she is supposed to
spend the rest of your life with.

A marriage proposal is every
girls dream come true. So get the courage and prepare a perfect night of
romance for the woman you are going to propose marriage to. Keep in
mind to keep it simple and elegant and very romantic, and you will be
sure to receive a yes to marriage.

Good luck guyz.

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