Be Open To Change


“It is not the strongest of the species
that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to
change.” Charles Darwin

Too often in relationships there
are far too many shoulds and have tos and not enough cooperation and
growth. Without change, relationships stagnate and die.
If we are open to asking
questions, open to really getting to know our selves and each other, if
we are open to learning relationship skills, practicing and
experimenting to find what works well for us in our relationship. If we
refuse to accept setbacks as failure and look for the lessons in
disappointment and frustration. 
hen we can grow stronger together, rather than growing apart in our relationships.

Being open to change means
allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to accept that we may not know all
the answers and that there may be more than one way to get what we need
and want in our relationship. Being open to change means being accepting
and respectful of other peoples truth, especially our partners’.

The most powerful change we can
make is to change our mind. When we change our mind we can create
lasting change in our relationship. Changing the way we see ourselves,
our partner, and our problems can transform our lives.
Some relationship enhancing changes to make:
Change negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns
Change the need to control to the desire to cooperate
Change rejection to acceptance
Change judgement to forgiveness
Change stagnation to growth
Change boredom to awe and fascination
Change withholding love to choosing to be generous
Change anger to curiosity
Change indifference to attentive caring
Change anxiety to calmness
Change selfishness to gratitude

Be open to change. The most
important change you will ever make is to change your attitude to one
that builds and strengthens your relationships. Embracing positive
change rather than demanding security will make your relationship more
lasting. Perhaps security is a little like happiness; in that you have
to give up trying to make it happen in order to find it.

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