Families: What a Relationship!


Today I want to talk about the importance of family relationships
because most of us have families. Families are important because they
teach us, inspire us, chastise us, laugh with and at us, care for us,
love us and usually want to be with us or have regular contact with.

Families provide a sense of continuity and permanence, for some of us
the only such sense we have. As parents we want the best for our
children, some of us even want what our children consider their best.
 Quite often, even with adult children one or both parents still want to
control their children’s lives. Two words of advice: “Stop It!” we
cannot protect our children from the hardships of the world and if we
could it would be harmful to them. Children need to learn to stand up
for themselves and learn to defend and support themselves.

One of the essential things a family can give is total and complete
acceptance and love. When as children we have experienced this type of
love we grow up less dysfunctional and more settled. By settled I mean
that life is good for us, we usually see the glass half full and laugh
and love easier, because we are loved.

Love is the glue that binds families with ties that can last through
life and its many storms. As families we are able to look at each other
with a huge degree of tolerance for foibles, mistakes and silly
arguments and tiffs. Some of my favorite moments with my brothers and
sisters is to talk, laugh and shout about the things we did or didn’t do
as kids. With my own kids it is just sitting around the table after
someone’s birthday supper and laughing until we hurt and telling stories
on each other.

Decide now what you want from
your family when you are older because if you don’t start now you won’t
be able to later.
Yes we have a responsibility to teach our children correct principles
and at times discipline is required, discipline not punishment. To
discipline is to teach our children and patience is the second best
teacher next to love and acceptance. Never disrespect, always remember
they are people with rights and need to be treated with utmost dignity.
One of the major paradoxes of life is that we expect the best from our
family and often treat them the worst; go figure.

One of life’s greatest joys is to be a grandparent; to hold in your arms
that precious newborn and see life’s continuing circle; it is
fantastic. The permanence that is family is now extended by one more
link that forges past to present to future. Let us never forget the rich
blessings that including our elders in our family gatherings can bring.
The memories, the stories, the love of life and family and life
experiences can enrich the conversation, provide a passageway into our
personal past and give children a chance to feel and understand the
normal path of life.

are many life times of memories and experiences to live, feel and draw
upon. My life changed the day my first son was born, he is my first born
and changed with the birth of each of our two children. I love the
memories I have of our little family growing up together and by
listening to my kids, so do they.

Families are among the most important relationship we will ever have.
Enjoy them. Cherish them. Honour them.

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