Things to Never Post on Facebook After a Breakup


It’s over. Before you take to Facebook to let the
world know of your newfound singledom, remember these simple rules about what
not to post online following a breakup.
1. Facebook is not your diary. Just because you’re on an emotional roller coaster doesn’t
mean that those ups and downs should be available for public consumption.
Journal in private. Cry with close friends. Just stay away from your computer
when you’re tempted to chronicle every stage of the breakup.
2. Don’t post sappy breakup songs. Put them on your iPod and go for a jog instead.
3. Avoid denial. Take down that profile pic with you as a couple. Don’t post
a message on his wall as if you’re still friends. Remove your relationship
status (with as little fanfare as possible).
4. Resist the Facebook rebound. Don’t post photos of you with cute members of the opposite
sex. Don’t message other exes or cute single “friends” out of discomfort for
your new singleness. If you catch yourself posting anything that you hope will
make your ex jealous, don’t do it. It’s a transparent move that will only make
you look bad.
5. Don’t post cryptic notes about
your ex or your emotional state.

In fact, as a general note, don’t post cryptic notes on Facebook ever. If you
don’t want people to know why you’re sad, don’t insinuate that you’re blue.
6. Don’t get friends involved. Don’t
comment on wall posts by any of his/her friends.
Don’t force mutual friends to defriend him in order to stay
in your good books. If you have to hide statuses for a time, do so.
7. Don’t betray your ex’s trust. Keep it classy. Repeat this motto: No slander, no revenge
posts — ever.
8. Don’t try to convince him to
return, or publicly beg for forgiveness.

If the two of you need to talk, do so in person.
9. Don’t use statuses and photos to
announce that you’re having the best or worst time ever.
Don’t try to make your ex miserable. (Nor should you be
assuming that she/he’s reading your Facebook wall. You shouldn’t be reading
10. Never admit to Facebook
If you find yourself checking out
his Facebook page, never comment that you’ve been there. Better yet, don’t
check hi

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