5 Signs You’re A Jealous Mess

Has your jealousy gotten out of

 Do you sometimes feel like Columbo
or Nancy Drew as you investigate your loved one’s activities that don’t include
you? Extreme jealousy and one of the most destructive things in a relationship.
Engaging in jealous behaviors and suspicions is not cute. It does not let your
significant other know you really care. And it definitely will not strengthen your
An occasional, mildly jealous
episode might actually heighten the interest in your relationship but chronic,
pathological jealousy is like a cancer that will destroy any loving feelings
that exist in your relationship. With that in mind, here are five signs you are
a jealous mess:
1. His phone habits upset you. Whenever your partner doesn’t answer the telephone while in
your presence, you wonder if it could be a lover.
2. His social media habits scare
Whenever your partner has a new
friend on Facebook, you go to the friend’s page to check out your competition.
3. You stalk him. You find yourself driving by your loved one’s job, home or
places you know him/her to frequent, thinking you’ll find some incriminating
4. You’re mistrustful of new people.
Every time your loved one introduces
you to someone new, you closely watch them for any sign of attraction and later
grill your significant other about their relationship.
5. You snoop. Whenever you get the opportunity, you are checking your
loved one’s phone and/or email for signs he/she may be involved with someone

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