Tips For Surviving Your 20s…..To All the Single Ladies

Every young woman needs tips for
surviving their 20’s. No doubt it is a tough time in any person’s life.
Sometime in your 20’s you go from being an irresponsible kid to a full grown
adult. There are ups and downs, mass confusion, pure joy, utter humiliations,
and hysterical fun. With the help of these tips for your 20’s you could come
out the other side relatively unscarred. But if you ignore them, all I can say
is I wish you well.
You need to set a budget
for yourself, there just isn’t any way around it. Also be sure to keep it
updated, making a budget once and never going back to make adjustments is the
same thing as having never made one in the first place. If you are ever in your
life going to make horrible financial choices it’s going to happen during the
early years of adulthood. All I can say is, “Budget, budget, budget!” Maybe
those bad financial choices will be less gruesome.

By far the best tip for your 20’s is to seek counseling. Do you have
abandonment issues, daddy issues, or self-esteem problems? Or maybe something
is wrong with you and you don’t even know what it is. The truth is, it is
better to get to the root of those problems now before you carry your baggage
into a marriage or pawn it off on your children.

Take Risks

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and stand up for what you believe
in. Go for that job you don’t believe you are qualified for or ask out that
really hot stranger you keep seeing on the bus on the way to work. If you never
take risks you will never know greatness.

Stay Active

Remember that pesky “Freshman 15” everyone kept talking about when you
started college? Yeah, well do you think it gets any better when you start your
awesome little desk job? Uh, no! Forget about the goodies in the office
lunchroom; hit the gym or at least take a walk around the building.
Whatever you do, don’t let your 20’s become an all you can eat lunch buffet.
Those extra pounds don’t just melt off in your 30’s. No lie!

Fatal Facebook

We all love Facebook. But take this tip for your 20’s to heart, know when to
avoid Facebook. At all cost you should not attempt to update your status while
drunk, depressed, after a break up, or while angry. Your passive
aggressive post may feel brilliant in the moment, but later after your “Crying
Game” is all over, you may feel like a complete loser.


Don’t be surprised if sometime in your 20’s your religious beliefs get
tested. You may find yourself questioning everything you grew up believing. You
may even find yourself exploring other beliefs. That is okay. It’s better to
find your faith for yourself than to continue believing the same things you
were forced to believe as a kid and not really know why. Eventually it will all
fall into place.


Girl, you are going to fail. It is going to suck. You may fall so hard and
right on your pretty little face, but everyone who has made it out alive will
tell you this tip for your 20’s. It’s not about never failing. That’s a given.
It’s about getting back up, learning, and going for it again with a new

Magazine Girls
Are Fake

Those skinny little things that are super beautiful and everything you ever
wished you could be, are fake. They have a team of people that make them look
the way they are. First a team comes in to dress them and do their makeup to
perfection. Then a team works with the photographer creating perfect lighting
and shadow. Finally another team comes back and edits the photos for even
better results before putting them out for press. They are fake.

Marriage Is Not
The Answer

If you are naive enough to think your man is going to go through some sort a
miraculous change after saying, “I do” then you are not ready for marriage. If
you don’t fix those issues before the wedding they are not going to disappear
after it. In fact, marriage may open your eyes to even more problems than you
knew you had. I’m not saying don’t get married in your 20’s. Just don’t expect
marriage to fix your relationship.

Babies Aren’t The
Answer Either

Babies don’t fix relationship problems either. That’s an awful lot of
pressure to put on a child. Think about it, really. Would you expect a 5 year
old to save her parents’ marriage from ending in divorce? I’m guessing not, so
stop believing that having a baby is going to make him love you more or
treat you better. Adding a baby to a bad relationship is only going to make the
situation worse. Plus it’s an unfair situation to bring a child into the middle


Don’t throw your values out the window to appease someone else. Your values
are the things that make up a large part of the person you are. If you only
take one tip for your 20’s let it be this one. No matter how hard you are
pushed or how much you are challenged, don’t let someone come in and throw your
beliefs and values away. Stay true to yourself.

Give Back

With all the other crap going on in your life it is important to remember to
give back. The thing about giving is that it really does feel good. Doing
something nice for another person not only helps them out but it should give
you a little mood boost too. Find something that moves you; help out at an
animal or food shelter, visit kids in the hospital, or get involved with your

Be Thankful

Even though things may not always go your way, you still have plenty to be
thankful for. Always count your blessings. During the roughest times knowing
the positives in your life may be exactly what you need to put things back into

The Grass Is Not

Don’t be fooled. The grass is not greener on the other side. Nollywood/Hollywood
makes movies about this idea all the time. You think your best friend has it
better than you and by some crazy hiccup, you and your best friend trade
lives. However, you quickly realize that your best friend’s life is just as
messed up as yours. What you admire about her life she yearns for from yours.
Embrace what you have.
Life during your 20’s isn’t easy. That’s why it is so important to have
these tips for your 20’s. Stop believing that your 20’s are only filled with
heartache and failure. This isn’t true either. You are going to have some great
life experiences in your 20’s. You will learn so much about who you are and
what you want to be. You are still growing and maturing. Enjoy every moment of
the adventure and learn from your mistakes. If you have already made it through
your 20’s what are some tips for surviving your 20’s you have for others?


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