…….that The Older a Woman Gets, The More She Will Tolerate Her Husband Cheating On Her

I was told that the older a woman gets, the more she
will tolerate her husband cheating on her the info below is NOT my opinion.
This is what I was told by a man: 
A man recently told me that the older a woman
gets, the more she will tolerate her husband cheating on her. He said that,
“just like it is hard for an older woman to find a job, it is also hard
for an older woman to find a man who loves her and wants to take care of her,
be a husband to her”. This man is in his early 60’s and his wife is around
the same age. They have been married 40 years. He provides a comfortable life
for his wife. She has never had to work if she didn’t want to throughout their
He has always paid all the bills and she spends
his money freely. He says that there is always a surprise bill from her
extravagant shopping sprees. But as the housewife, she does the budget so he
rarely knows what’s going on with the finances till he decides to look. He told
me that he has cheated with many different women throughout their marriage. 🙁
(Again… they have been married for 40 years.) Even though he has had a
variety of mistresses… he has a one particular woman (who is also married)
who he cheats with on a consistent basis. He says that he and this particular
woman has been cheating for about 35 years… almost as long as he has been
This woman is married to a judge. She is in her mid
50’s. She lives a comfortable lifestyle herself. But he also gives her gifts,
takes her shopping, gives her money. He says he pays for both her daughters’
ballet lessons every year. He said she once told him he should give her an
allowance every month so that she does not have to ask him for money, gifts,
etc. She said that her female married friends who cheat… get an allowance
from the men they are cheating with. Sounds more like an arrangement. He
claimed he was applaud and didn’t want to sleep with her anymore.

Yeah right! See how men lie. He said that he slept
with her one last time but it wasn’t the same. I really doubt it. He boasts
about how freaky she was in bed. He said she frequently visited the sex shops
bringing to him new gadgets to experiment with. He said the latest thing she
brought to bed were butt beads. He said he could not get into that. He said
even though “this mistress” seemed to stick around, there were still
many mistresses that came and went. He said he’d often take part in the private
hotel room turned prostitution that took place on business trips that he took
with his male colleagues. He cheated with his co-workers as well. 
These women
were his subordinants… because he was the boss. He said once, after he broke
it off with one of his co-workers… she got mad and called his wife. He and
this woman were clearly having sex. The woman called his wife and told her that
he was having sex with her as well and many other women at his work place. He
told me, in a calm voice, he asked his wife, “what do you believe?”
He said that he denied ever sleeping with the woman.
He told his wife that he DID NOT have sex with this woman. So his wife let it
go. He said this incident happened 12 years ago. He claimed this was the only
time during his 40 years of marriage that his wife got some kind of indication
that he was cheating… that he knows about. He said that his wife just let it
go. He said that older women know that they are not going to leave even if
their husband’s cheat. He said it happens all the time. He told me that the
older woman knows that no one else is going to care of her, care about her and
provide a good living for her the way he (her current husband) does. He said
that like it’s hard for an older woman to find a job. He said it’s also hard
for an older woman to find a good man to love and provide for her. He said it
would be hard for an older woman to marry again at an old age so they rather
just stay with the husband she already has.
 He said that
older women will NOT ever “say” it out loud. Their actions always
“do” it. Meaning they never go anywhere. He said women will
“act” upset like they will leave their husbands because they don’t
want the man to think they will take any shit from him. Women don’t want the
man to think that they have low self-esteem. But he says, men know that the
women are not going anywhere and that’s why they KEEP cheating. He explained
how he goes to work, comes home to her, and brings the money home to her (his
wife). He said they have fun going on trips together. They spend holidays
together with their grown children and grandchildren. He said he recently
bought a bigger house… much bigger than the first 2 houses they lived in. He
says he feels obligated to spend his Golden Years with his wife of 40 years. He
said he feels obligated to “give” her “his” golden years so
they can enjoy old age together and grow old together.
He said he knows that young women out there only
want his money and when that runs out they don’t want him anymore. But said
that he know he can always get a young woman to spend some time with because he
has got the means “money”. He says he will do it just so he can have
some variety in his sex life. The above is NOT my opinion. I’m only telling you
what a 60-something year old (cheating) man told me… who has been married for
40 years. There are some young and middle-age couples that go thru the same
thing. If a man cheats one time, and the woman (wife) stays… Do you think
that is permission for him to cheat again? (in his little mind.) I know a guy
who is in his late 30’s who got caught cheating. Wife didn’t leave. His
mistress called the wife and told her everything.
 (Similar to
the story above.) Mistresses might as well save their breath calling these
wives… these wives are NOT going anywhere. I don’t care how old they are.
lol. He and his wife had serious conversations, got counseling, she got
pregnant, he bought her a car, upgraded her wedding ring, and she had their 1st
baby. He said counseling was rough. He spoils & loves that baby and says he
loves his wife, but after all that… he still cheats. ????? I guess all they
went through wasn’t enough for him.
Do you think the older-woman philosophy
could be applied to younger women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s too. Why do younger
women stay?
 Do you think women have to leave in order to
show a man that she means serious business. Or should women be scared that why
the husband is gone… she may loose him to the whore he is cheating with?
 Or should a wife never be afraid and leave her
husband and find new man. Or should I say husband. In the beginning, the man
said it’s hard for a woman to find new “husband” material… that
wants to actually be a husband TO HER. I don’t know what to say.
 What do you

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