The Coexistence Of Seduction And Lust


should be very careful in relationships with other women. Special precaution
should be given to women in platonic friendships. This type of relationship can
be as hazardous as a man’s relationship with a provocative woman. Where is the
danger in a female-male platonic friendship? The danger lies in a combination
of men’s weakness for women and women’s power to seduce.

Greene, in The Art of Seduction (2003), states that seduction is the
most subtle, elusive, and effective form of power to get what you want by
manipulating one’s greatest weakness: the desire for pleasure. Since the
beginning of time women have been seducing men. The art was learned as a result
of women being weaker under the control of men. Women had no other choice than
to use seduction as their only source of power. Women began to understand that
if they were dependent on men through force, then they could have men become
dependent on them through pleasure.
Whether it was Jezebel, Delilah or Eve,
even biblical history has shown us how lust for women led men to commit all
sorts of atrocities. Way too many times I hear men confess that they don’t know
why or how they succumbed to such a woman’s seduction, especially from a
platonic friend. Women have the power to passive-aggressively seduce men
through a platonic friendship. This is why women don’t like when their male
partners spend too much time around or on the phone with other women. This is
especially true if the female partner has a hunch that another woman has an
attraction for their man.
can a platonic friendship go wrong?
Men are led to believe they can let down
their guard around the girl in the platonic friendship which creates an open
door for trouble. The seduction is subtle but efficient. It starts off by the
girl captivating all of the things he likes. Conversations are awesome because
this girl is interested in everything your man is interested in: cars,
football, politics, wings and beer (just to name a few). Usually this causes
the platonic female friend to be perceived to have a “cool personality,” not to
mention she is not sensitive or emotional, and laughs at all his jokes. Next
thing you know, they hang out frequently, she is part of his crew, they party,
crash at each others place, and I’ll let you imagine the rest…
is not about having insecurities or jealousy with a man’s relationship with
other women . This is about shedding light on the reason why some women may not
feel comfortable with the relationship their men have with other women. Women’s
art of seduction and men’s lust for women can be a dangerous combination.
 My advise is to always set boundaries even in the most non- threatening
female-male relationships. We shouldn’t be oblivious to the possibilities.  “Good fences make good neighbors.”
Be blessed, spread love,

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