Why Most Relationships Don’t Work Out


I have come to realize that
people just find themselves in one love relationship or the
other and as a result, they have suffered multiple heartbreaks. Relationships most times don’t work out because
of certain factors. In this post, I will try so well to point out why relationships don’t work out for many people. I have come to realize that some people have
taking it as part of life to experience lots of failed relationships but I want to ask us these
simple questions: why is it
that most
relationships don’t work out? Was it
like this in the past? Do people have to undergo different types of
relationship before they finally meet that special person? Is failed relationship becoming
parts of us all? Do you think most relationships are not working out because
there is something wrong with love? Well, I have seen people accuse love
endlessly as the major reason relationships don’t work. It is
very stupid of them all because there is nothing wrong with love. In fact, love
is as perfect as our Creator. It is good and fun to be in love. We humans are
the reasons
relationships don’t work out these
days. Below are some of the major reasons most relationships don’t work out:
1. Most people aren’t ready
before venturing into love relationship
When I say ready, I mean
what I’m talking about here. Unlike in the past, people these days just jump on
anything called affairs just because it is the happening thing now or the just
because they feel like venturing into it. I must confess here that age is not a
major criteria for being ready for love relationship. What really matter is
your state of mind preparedness. You’re meant to read lots of books regarding
love relationships, the expectations, the challenges, the fun side etc so that
you know what you’re entering into. You are also meant to read books on your
gender and the opposite sex to understand the functionality of each.
Forget it, most times; we
just feel pressurized from within to enter into relationship but the reality is
that we aren’t ready for it. Be matured in thinking by first applying for
wisdom on how you judge, how you see, how you take, how you think and how you
feel before you venture into love relationship if not, you will just experience
lots and lots of disastrous heartbreaks. Relationship is relative so, you have
to understand that relationship books are meant to be what they do for you and
not what they do to you. Since relationship is relative, what you should do is
read wide and assimilate base on your personality. simple.
2. Humans expect too much
in relationship
People these days expect
too much from their partners and the relationship they have found themselves.
You know what? When you expect too much from your relationship, you are most
likely going to be disappointed period! Relationship is not like the ‘dream
big’ syndrome, it is a different thing all together, what you have to do is to
have hope and not exaggerated expectations. It is as a result of exaggerated
expectations people have for their relationship that they find it difficult
forgiven their partners when they (their partner) fall short good acts. Expect
less from your relationship and feel good about yourself.
3. Humans are resistant to

Most people go into
relationship with the mindset of retaining their full characteristics. As long
as you have entered into relationship, you must compromise, you must absorb
changes, you must tolerate, you must admit, you must loosen up and all these I
just mentioned are parts of human changes. You must undergo change in your life
for your relationship to work out. I strongly believe that people can work
things out in their relationships: it is about compromising, it is about
letting go, it is about accepting blames and apologizing, it is about
sacrifice, it is about the two of you and not just you. You can’t remain you
once you’re in love relationship or else, that relationship will never work
out. There are certain parts of you that must disappear for the sake of the
relationship. For example, if you used to watch football matches till 10 pm in
the night before and you just found love and entered into relationship, you
must compromise with the length of watching football and in most cases, you
just have to do without watching football.
I may talk more on this
topic later but for now, kindly do with the above stated points. The purpose of
writing this topic: why most
relationship don’t work
 out is to
help you see the reasons
relationships are not working out
days and try to adjust in order to experience successful and healthy

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    I’d must check with you here. That is not some thing I commonly do! I appreciate reading a post that will make men and women believe. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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