Jaw Dropping Pictures from the 25,000 guests wedding

A huge wedding between
two of the most important Ultra-Orthodox Jewish families in the world has taken
place in Jerusalem, attracting a staggering 25,000 guests.
Weddings are always a big occasion, but
with a guest-list of more than 25,000, this traditional Jewish ceremony dwarfs
even the most lavish of nuptials. 
well-wishers from around the world attended the Ultra Orthodox Jewish wedding
to witness the marriage of the grandson of the leader of the Hasidic dynasty
Belz Rebbe yesterday. 
in tradition, these amazing images show the ceremony of 18-year-old Shalom
Rokeach and his 19-year-old bride Hannah Batya Penet in Jerusalem, Israel.
The first betrothal ceremony sees the
groom give a wedding ring to the bride. During this part of the service, the
bride is prohibited from talking to all other men.
wedding ceremony then takes place underneath a large four-poled stand with a
canopy overhead known as a chuppah so the groom and his veiled bride can be
married underneath the sky. 
bride’s wedding veil takes various forms among the different Jewish
communities. Some Hasidic brides wear a heavy cloth veil that, Hasidic Jews
believe, protect the bride’s modesty by allowing her to avoid guests’ gazes
while she stands under the wedding canopy. 
The groom Shalom
Rokeach, 18, is the grandson of the head of one of the largest Hasidic
communities in Jerusalem, Belz Rebbe, and is expected to take his place as
leader of the sect one day.


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