Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Split: Hollywood drama?


Unfortunately, according to sources close to the couple, it’s
official: Robert Pattinson
and Kristen Stewart have BROKEN
Tears! So many sparkling vampire tears!
However, as much as we adore the Twilight co-stars
together, even the most passionate Twi-Hard could see this on the
horizon. These two have had all sorts of back-and-forth issues since Kristen cheated with her Snow White director last summer, and after what
looked to be a relaxing, romantic trip to Coachella last month, it’s been pretty much down
hill for them!
And we all know how gurl’s
birthday plans for Rob ended up turning out, so
something is telling us that whatever went down between the pair was the straw
that broke the camel’s back!
Such a shame that they couldn’t
seem to find common ground! They obviously really wanted this one to work!
Who knows, though? Sources close
to them are maintaining that there is STILL a possibility for reconciliation!
Anyone else want to form a prayer
circle with us?! Abi?!
Hang in there, you guys! You’re
both in our thoughts!

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