I Made Out With a Friend, Should I Tell My Fiance About It?


I made a stupid error. My story is a bit complicated, but will try to make it plain. we were introduced online and gradually we became very close and now in a long distance relationship. During the past 1 year of the relationship, I have been faithful, avoided guys and stayed loyal to him.

Am moving back home from across the country in a few weeks, and finally we will get to have a serious relationship..He already proposed. However, last week Sunday, I visited my male best friend, in his attempt to console me on an issue, we started kissing. We made out (heavy petting) but nothing more.

Now am so racked with guilt. Should I tell him of my indescretion? He once told me, he would never forgive a cheating woman. I know I was wrong, nothing justifies my action, am very sorry. No, am not in love with my bestfriend, he is my go to person for a lot of things. He knows about my boyfriend and he is also very sorry.

My boyfriend constantly tell me of how he is fighting temptations and keeping loyal to me, and now..I just feel so bad. We meet in person for the first time in a few weeks, knowing I betrayed his trust is making me so sad. Maybe telling him will free me of this burden of guilt.

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  1. constance Ekwoge 9 September, 2013 at 18:49 Reply

    Please tell him and if He really loves you he will forgive but if he does not then pray that God's perfect will be done.If you cannot be honest to him now you will tend to hide so many other things from him in future.

  2. Oluwasegun Olaleye 10 January, 2014 at 12:03 Reply

    i do not like the idea of opposite sex being best of friends…make ur man ur best friend….if u cannot that means their is no trust….all i will tell u is that most people have lost their happiness through this…opposite sex friend stuff…..how would u feel if ur guy tells u his best friend is a girl…and at every slightest issue he goes to ….learn and move on ,,,,,don't tell him in details ….

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