Against All Odds, These Celebrity Couples Survives.

Some celebrities whose marriages have been intact in spite
of the pressure that this kind of unions experience
Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva
Many movie buffs describe actor Olu Jacobs and his wife,
Joke Silva, as the ‘Nollywood sweethearts’. They are often regarded as the
oldest celebrity couple in the Nigerian entertainment circles, having been
married for about 25 years.
 Although there were rumours that their marriage has
been threatened by crises at different times in the past, the couple has never
hesitated to show the world how much they are in love with each other.
The fact that the Jacobs renewed their marriage vows to
each other shows they are committed to its success. As a matter of fact, when
Joke clocked 50 years on September 29, 2011, the couple turned the occasion to
yet another opportunity for the renewal of their wedding vows.
There was no better way to silence their critics and tale
bearers, whose malicious gossips had in the past almost torn the couple apart,
go green with envy.
Zack and Ngozi Orji
Zack and Ngozi Orji are a good example of a couple that
has learnt overtime to place their marriage above individual interests. Both of
them were active in Nollywood, with Zack earning himself a place in the hearts
of most movie fans with his gentlemanly ways on the screen, until Ngozi faded
out of the scene for reasons best known to the couple.
The truth is that the seeds that germinated into a
full-blown marriage between these love birds were sown outside the movie
industry. They met each other in Enugu when Ngozi was still a student of the
Institute of Management and Technology. So far, they have been married for 23
years and are blessed with three lovely children.
 Zack owes the success of their marriage to mutual
understanding and their determination to make it work. “What has us going is
our resolve to make it work. We decided that it had to work and we made serious
efforts to make it work. If you agree as a couple, God would make it work. We
realised a long time ago, that as man and woman, we lacked the power to make it
work on our own. We make sacrifices, especially as a children are involved,” he
 Kenny and Bolajoko Ogungbe
Kenny Ogungbe needs no introduction. Apart from being a
key player in the Nigerian entertainment industry, he is a good example of the
proverbial successful man that is motivated by a supportive wife.
Keke Baba, as he is fondly called, actually gives his wife, the
credit for the success of their marriage. He says their marriage has depended a
lot on Bolajoko’s  understanding and wisdom.  He says that he
considers himself very fortunate to have been married to her.
Kenny says, “The secret of  my marriage is
understanding; it comes largely from my wife. She believes in me and encourages
me to go about my work, while she tends to the home front. She takes care of
the family. This gives me confidence and inspiration, knowing my home is in
safe hands as I travel around the world. She understands my work and doesn’t
give me hassles.”

Matthew and Omotola Ekeinde
Matthew Ekeinde and delectable Nollywood actress, Omotola,
have built a very intimate marital relationship for the past 14 years. 
The couple, no doubt, has had their fair share of malicious gossips, too. But
each time their marriage appeared set to be seriously rocked by tale-bearers,
they had managed to pull through successfully.
Interestingly, while Matthew remains a successful
pilot, Omotola’s career has enjoyed a tremendous boost over the years. Both of
them got married when the latter was still a starry-eyed 18-year-old. And
Matthew has never had cause to regret the day he proposed marriage to her.
He says the reason their marriage has lasted this long is
because Omotola is his God-given partner. “If she wasn’t my true wife, 
how else would a marriage between a pilot and an entertainer have lasted over a
decade?” he asks.
Isaac and Nneka Moses
Isaac and Moses made a name for themselves by selling Africa
to the world through the popular cultural programme on TV, Goge Africa. The couple met on a movie
set in 1996.  Isaac was still an actor at the time and Nneka was supposed
to play the role of his girlfriend in a movie titled Love in Vendetta.
After the movie was shot, they became friends. Then one
thing led to the other. The next thing they found themselves doing was walking
down the aisle.

Isaac and Nneka have been successfully married for over 14
years. The secret of  its success?  They see themselves as the best
of friends. Apart from that, the union is founded on mutual love and respect.

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