Kissing and telling: Authors uncover secrets of women’s desire

What gets women in
the mood for sex and could make them interested more often? Writer Anne Rodgers
and gynecologist Maureen Whelihan decided the elusive nature of women’s sexual
desire was worth researching, and what they found is both riveting and surprising
as well as occasionally hilarious.
Based on surveys of
1,300 women ages 15 to 97 and 100 in-depth interviews, Kiss and Tell (
illuminates the fantasies and realities of women throughout their lives. In
separate chapters dedicated to each decade of a woman’s life, the authors break
down responses to questions such as “what are you thinking about during sex?”
and “what is the one thing in regards to sex you wish your partner wouldn’t
Contrary to what Sex
and the City
 would have you believe, women rarely share intimate
details from the bedroom with one another. Rodgers and Whelihan hope Kiss
and Tell
 will help women realize that whether they are having sex once
a day or once a month (or less depending on their age), they are all normal.
In the course of
exploring what creates and sustains desire throughout women’s lifetimes, the
book shares stories of women such as Catherine, who had her first orgasm at age
82, and Jackie, who had sex with her husband three times a day – for 20 years.

 The Authors:
 Rodgers, a former writer and editor for the Palm Beach Post
and Austin American-Statesman, spent an entire year conducting the interviews
for Kiss and Tell. Whelihan is a gynecologist in West Palm Beach, Fl, and a
founding partner of the Center for Sexual Health in Charlotte, NC.

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