Emotional or Life Issues? – Leave The Drama At Home

Focusing on work
even when your life is a mess.
trouble?  Dead-beat best friend?  Roommate from hell?  Drama
happens to everybody.  Still, personal problems and work do not get
along.  At all.  So it’s important to learn to leave the drama at
home to maintain professionalism when you’re at work.
 – I know, it’s not
.  When personal problems are feeling overwhelming, it can take a
lot to stay focused at work.  But you have to make the effort so that
those issues don’t start spilling over into your professional life.  Focus
on specific tasks or projects
Concentrate on the positive
 going on at your job when you start getting overwhelmed by
other issues.
Avoid The
Messy Phone Calls
If your cell phone rings, and you know the call is going to get messy or loud or
both, let them leave a message and call back later
Trust me.  The people in the cubicles and offices around you do not want
to hear the drama. 
Personal Visits
If you’ve got drama with someone, do whatever you can to keep them
away from the office
.  Blow up situations never sit well
with your boss or co workers.
And often end up in the “gossip talk” of the
day, month or sometimes, even year.  Seriously, people don’t forget! 
Plus if it violates office conduct in a serious way, there could be a sudden
loss of paycheck.
Kiddies – If you have any kiddies (8 and under)…
unless they are well behaved and/or there is a kid friendly policy in the
office and/or you have a space, room, or office to accommodate them, this is probably
something to avoid
.  Try to always be on schedule with the babysitter,
day care, school, and pickup/drop off family members and friends.  That
will allow you to be at work without having to bring your kids unless it’s, of
course, for the company picnic.
Personal Things Personal
Remember that your personal and professional lives are two distinct
entities.  Simply put, keep your personal problems out of the
.  If you must confide, make sure it’s someone you
.  You don’t need anymore headache by once again being part of
the gossip train.
Your Worrying
 – Personal problems are not
easy, and you’re probably going to worry.  But you need to get
this stress under control
 on the job.  When you feel
overwhelmed, try to distract your mind with a different task
Or get up and go to the breakroom or bathroom for a quick breather.  Take
your break outside
 instead of at your desk.  And be sure to grab
some awesome comfort food for lunch! 
Drama is
always imminent.  Train yourself to be tough and the maker of smart
decisions.  This way you KEEP THE DRAMA AT HOME.  That way you focus
on doing a good job and keeping your professional life intact.


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