Feel The Undeniable Chemistry In Olaitan and Prince Idris Pre-wedding Photos

“When you meet the right person you won’t sweat it. Things will always fall in place for both of you.”

Olaitan and Prince Idris (Last son of HRM late Oba Faronbi of Isolo)’s love story is like something from romance novel, but it is so real and very sweet. They found in each other an addiction that was both intoxicating and exhilarating.
 Olaitan said:
He’s the world best boo, the definition of a gentleman. Calm, caring to a fault. Very generous. He’s everything and more. Forgives easily. He’s a man of peace. While Prince Idris, a man of few words said..
” words alone can’t describe how I feel, I love her sooo much”
A look at these two will make it very obvious to any one that they  very much in love and can’t wait to spend their whole lives together. 
The love birds will tie knot on Saturday 21st of November, 2015 at Coral Gardens…10 Ogombo road opp Abraham adesanya,lekki-epe expressway,Ajah.Lagos.  

Heartminders blog wishes them a lifetime of happiness, they have our best wishes.


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