How Couples Can Get Close Again After Drifting Apart

So, we have examined possible reasons why couples drift apart in the last post and am certain some of you have found yourself in it. Now, let’s look at how couples who have drifted apart unknowingly or by ignoring the signs.
Below are tested and trusted ways that couples can get back together.

1. Have a conversation about how you first met and what first attracted you to each other.
2. Talk about the times you have felt the most connected.Then list the things you did that helped create that closeness. Then do those things again.
3. Mention something your partner did that you enjoyed. For example, “I loved it today when you gave me a break from the kids/ held my hand/ hugged me/helped me at the office,” etc.
4. Discover what your partner’s “love language” is. Do they most need to see it, hear it or feel it in order to feel most loved? If you don’t know, ask.
5. Ask your partner what their “perfect day” would be like, and then create as much of it as you can.
6. Renew and/or rewrite your vows. Who says we can say these important words only once? Renewing vows, commitments and words of love can rapidly and powerfully bring a couple closer together.

These are just a few suggestions for the road back to closeness and connection.

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