My Ex’s Elder Brother Says He’s In Love With Me,What Do I Do?


‎I met this guy during my 100Level days and we dated for 4months (about 6years ago now), just as we were about getting serious, he cheated with a friend, and by himself, asked for a break. 

After that we only greet casually, no serious communication. Meanwhile, his elder bro was in the same school with us and he tried to help us settle the issue but he failed…..when he later realised his brother wasn’t interested,he advised me to move on, which I did.

Six years after, I work in a bank, met his elder bro  in VI and we had couple of lunch dates. 3days ago. He told me dat he is in love with me and that he’ll like us to date. I’m scared cos it sounds strange having to date 2 brothers. 

What do I do? 

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