Four Years After Fathering a Child Out of Wedlock, Gospel Singer, Lanre Teriba Talks About His Pain and Regrets


All is well that ends well…
Years back, the news that gospel singer, Lanre Teriba impregnated and fathered A baby with his ex girlfriend outside wedlock shook the media sphere and there were lots of fingers pointing at the singer, questioning his character. 

Fast forward to 2016, (4years after), Lanre Teriba in a fresh interview with Sunonline said, it’s a thing he regrets but wonder why Nigerians want him to kill himself because of that singular mistake, forgetting he is also a human. According to him, his wife has forgiven him and they are both happy together again…

Excerpts below

Tell us about a particular event that has made you cry?
I cried when I lost my mum. Another event was when I had a child out of wedlock. The reason why I felt bad about it was that some people were using it against me. I regret it as well. Certain things happen in your life that are beyond you. I am human. But I don’t know why some people think I should kill myself because of that singular mistake. Some Nigerians will see one mistake and magnify it. When I read stuffs about me on the Internet, I feel so bad and I wonder why people are doing that to me. But I have some wonderful fans that encourage me. And I thank God for my wife for being a great encouragement. Continue….

How did your wife react when she heard about the child?

My wife knew about it, she really appreciated God that the marriage did not break. Today, the two of us are husband and wife. I have prayed to God for forgiveness. My wife has also forgiven me. So, those who still use it against me are haters.

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