From Friendship To Romance : Here Are 6 Steps To Guide You Through (Part 2)

1. DO share an adrenaline rush activity together.
Adrenaline gives the body the feeling of new love. When we break a sweat with someone, we literally feel revved up and excited. Take a roller coaster ride, go swimming or take a run together.
2. DON’T try to be a friend with benefits.
Just hooking up is not going to make your friend suddenly see you as a potential GF. You’ll just be the cool friend to hook up with and why would they want to transition out of such a sweet situation? Most guys won’t buy the truck if they’re getting the ice cream for free!
3. DO get closer . . . physically
You’re not hooking up but you are touching your friend’s arm every time you get a chance. Brush a stray hair out of his eyes. Squeeze his hand to make a point. Every time you touch someone lovingly, their brain gets a burst of feel-good chemicals that make them feel good about you.

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