From Friendship To Romance : Here Are Steps To Guide You Through

There’s a thin line between friends and sweethearts and you, gorgeous, seem to be trapped on the wrong side. So how can you go from friendship to love?
First of all, make sure that this is even a good idea. Yeah, you may be hot for your buddy but is this enough of a reason to try to turn your friendship into a new relationship? Dating is not as stable as just being friends. If you want to date a long-time friend, think really seriously about it first. You could end up killing an awesome friendship if things don’t work out.
On the other hand, say there’s someone in your crew who you’re casual friends with but you just can’t stop thinking about. Every time this cutie bumps into you your heart goes pitter patter and the rest of the world justfalls away. You are crushing hard.
If you’re going to break out of the friend zone, or at least give it the old college try, you have to set the stage and then tell your friend how you feel. 
Here’s how to do that in six easy steps:

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