How To Settle Quarrels In Your Relationship


Everybody gets into arguments, may it be with parents, spouses, children etc. Here is a quick overview on how to end an argument safely.

  • Remain calm. This is the biggest step. You never want an argument to turn into something abusive. Remember that raising your voice is different than yelling. If you get to the point where you are yelling, think to yourself that this could escalate to a dangerous point.
  • Listen to their opinion. This step and the previous are interchangeable. An argument should be like a conversation, if the other starts first, don’t interrupt. If you have questions or anything, don’t interject, wait until they are finished. If you find yourself getting angry, remind yourself that you will be able to talk soon and get it all out. If you need to get it out soon, apologize and tell them the main point of what is bothering you.
  • Apologize. Make up, in other terms. Even if you think you are right no matter what, make sure you tell them you are sorry, because you are most likely to be at fault for something.
  • Cool off. Separate from the other for some time to reflect on what just happened. Usually during this time, both sides discover that they were fighting for something entirely unrelated to anything, and it was just a stupid fight. Regroup later and try not to dredge up the fight.
  • Forgive. This is a really big step, and it takes a lot of people a long time to do this. You really do need to “forgive and forget”. Keeping a fight on your mind for too long will only cause you more distress.

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