Interview : Now, All Is Well Between 9ice and Toni Payne

Sometimes last week, estranged wife of Singer 9ice,Tony Payne, posted a lengthy write up on her website that she has officially forgiven the singer and father of her child.
In her write up, she said for about six years, she was angry and bitter towards the singer because he did not defend her when people were peddling tales of infidelity against her.
In an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, the singer said that he was very happy when he saw the post by his ex-wife. He said,

“I saw the write-up my ex-wife posted on the internet where she wrote that she has forgiven me after six years. It is a very good development and I am happy she had forgiven me after all these years. Contrary to public opinion we have been friends all these while. The most important thing is that even when things are not working or they are not the way they should seem with a person, you should endeavour to remain friends with the person. That is very important. We are friends and we remain friends.”

When asked about their son, Zion, the proud father described the lad as a genius.

Zion can do anything and become anything he wants to be in life. He is into music, sport, science; he is a very brilliant child. Some time when I think of how much of a genius he is, I get scared. He is still a young chap and it is when he grows up that we can actually decide what career he should pursue. He is a multitalented kid,” the singer said.

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