New Interview: Ik Ogbonna Revealed How He Met His Wife Sonia On Instagram

Handsome Nollywood  actor, IK Ogbonna has revealed how he met is beautiful wife, Sonia Morales during a recent interview he had with NET.
Ik said a mutual friend of theirs showed him her instagram profile and he followed and liked her photos.
Below are some excerpts from the interview:
“Basically a friend of mine met me on set and we were talking about me finding a woman, and I think at that time I was out of a relationship and he was trying to advise me to look for someone and I was not even in a hurry to look for someone. I basically asked God to direct me to someone I want to be with because I really don’t enjoy the habit of changing women. When I date someone, I date you with perspective of future, I have the consciousness of, you know, wifing you once I start dating you, but the whole dating process is to understand if you are compatible and see if you can live together.

I am not really a fan of divorce. So I have always been someone that would be very careful to choose a wife to make sure that she’s a person you won’t regret marrying at the end of the day. So she pointed out this girl to me that was her friend on Instagram. So unconsciously, I was following her and liking all her pictures because she is a pretty woman with a lovely shape
I left her page and later she followed me back. It was very funny because when I saw her the first thing I told my friend was I was going to marry her. That was how it started. We started talking, we met each other and after dating and courting we realised that we are almost like a twin. She can complete me, she knows every little thing I am thinking of, she knows what I am about to do next. She’s like that, she trusts me a lot and I trust her too. Basically we are all about positivity and building each other mentally and spiritually.”

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