No More Secrets! Toyin Aimakhu Shares Intimate Selfies With New Love, Seun Egbegbe


Much as celebrities like to keep their secrets secret, we love keep digging till we know all the truth and in the case of Toyin Aimakhu and CEO of Ebony Films, Seun Egbegbe, they have been forced to finally make their relationship public.

The duo shared their new intimate selfies on Instagram, corroborating Toyin Aimakhu’s confirmation two days ago that they are dating. 

But the top Yoruba actress hasn’t always been open about the relationship.

Last year, Aimakhu denied dating the filmmaker, and after reports claimed that they split up following an altercation, Aimakhu demanded for a retraction from the blog that published the story.

More pictures after the jump…..


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