Please Advice: I Slapped My Husband and Now He Has Moved Out


I can’t believe am sharing this from a friend I love so dearly, we met in UI but… it happens, I have her permission so to do. 

Hello Funke, 
The worst has happened, I slapped Bayo last night and he has moved out now=’) .
It is so horrible to look at myself and realize I have become an abuser, especially of somebody I love.
I am 37years old, have 3 kids and a step daughter who …lives with us and my youngest is a 6 months old baby girl. I have been married for 11and a half years. 
Our marriage is really full of stress and problems. My husband is often away on business trips and I am alone with the kids most of the time. 
Our problems goes from disagreements over the kids welfare to zero romance in our relationship, so it has been a lot of drama. 

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I have told my husband that I want to separate, because I am really not happy, but I secretly hold a hope that he will try to be there for me more or just change some of the things that make us go into conflicts.
What is happening now is that I feel full of resentment and sadness, I cry myself to sleep almost every night, while he sleeps. 
Whenever we argue, am always the first to hold his clothes, I get very mad and really feel I can’t control it until I slapped him yesterday. =’) 
I KNOW I AM WRONG. I KNOW. Please help me. I have nobody to talk to and I feel really lonely and unsupported.
Thank you so much in advance.
I really want to put a stop to it, but I feel I can’t do it alone.

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