From Friendship To Romance : Here Are 6 Steps To Guide You Through ( Final Part)

This is the final part of this post, we have examined the first 3 points that will guide you as you are ready to turn your friendship into love, romance or something more than the friendship zone.
Did you miss the first 3 points?
Here are the last three points….
4. DON’T blindly agree with everything he says.
When we like someone we can start to idolize them. Then we crack up at every joke, agree with every point. Bo-ring. No one needs their own personal yes-woman. If you want to be interesting be interested. Have genuine conversations where you disagree, express your interests and show your POV. This is infinitely sexy.
5. DON’T keep chasing if it’s clear the feeling is one-sided.
If the other person says that you’re not his type, believe him. Trying to change someone’s mind, friend or not, after they say they’re not interested will only lead to them avoiding you.   
Now what?
With the stage is set, if your friend is also interested you should be getting attraction signals in return. If it’s still ambiguous, you need to reveal your feelings. Communication is key in friendships and relationships.
6. DON’T confess your undying love.
Ask, “what if we went out on a real date?” or “do you ever think of me as a girlfriend type?” If your friend says yes then you are off to the dating races with a great foundation for love–your friendship! If your buddy says no, share a laugh together and honestly address the awkwardness and disappointment as you continue to be great friends.
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