My Husband Has Had Two Flings and Am Hurting, What Should I Do?

Hello Heartminders,
I have been having serious issues in my marriage lately. the whole story stated majorly in 2015, when I stumbled on a voice note by my husband to a lady and also his conversation with his friend about the girls he kept as flings.
He would always create an impression that he doesn’t hve money to me. I would pay 75% of our house rent, children school fees and other major fixing/repairs at home. lo and behold a lady sent in this message on his phone……

“Why is it that is it whenever you want to give me money different stories come up. I told you on Monday I borrowed money to go to sch (that is how broke I am), and as usual you promised without fulfilling. A lifeline can’t be placed on your words, it going to drop dead. And you even promised to call back since then……” 
even with his two phone passworded. I was able to spy and know is password.
am really hurt and at the verge of taking a very drastic step.
kindly, advise please.
I want to remain anonymous. 

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