3 Year Old Girl Raped in Calabar

I am a very consistent blog visitor whose baby just got admitted in pediatrics ward, Unocal teaching hospital….. 
A 3 year old girl was brutally raped and stocks put in her privates. She was stabbed multiple times in her face and legs. According to the uncle who brought her in, she was playing when the cousin said they have not seen her for a while, when the grandma raised alarm, they searched and found her tied up. 
As I type this, she has just been taken for the second round of surgery and I heard the culprit is in police custody. Please help broadcast this so it does not get swept under the carpet. Thanks ”
*I have mailed you,please help us do a follow up and get us his picture and name for publishing..OMG…this is a baby he raped!
Source : SDK

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