EXPOSED! Oyin Famodun, Nigerian Man Who Broke The Internet With His Proposal To Girlfriend Called Out By Family Of Another Pregnant Girlfriend


Na wa o. 
While all the single ladies are still basking in the euphoria of his dream proposal to his girlfriend and wishing for same, lover boy Oyin Famodun has been called out by family members of another girlfriend of his who is allegedly pregnant. If you missed the proposal, click HERE. Read the shocking letter sent to SDK below: 

”Dear Stella, 
I would like to expose a guy called Oyinlola Famodun. A couple of days ago, Bella naija shared a video of the best proposal ever – 

Well the guy in question is dating 2 family members of mine at the same time. He has been dating Sola for about 3 years now and they all recently just came back from a trip to Dubai with his mum (picture attached). He has also been dating Yemisi for years now playing with both ladies emotions, he just proposed to her… As I write this, Sola is on her way to the UK to meet Oyin. He bought her a ticket and is picking her up at the airport to take to his house in Basildon which has always been like that, she goes to london at least once in two months and always stays in oyinlola’s house .
THIS IS INTERESTING….CONTINUE READING..Oyin is making wedding plans with sola as well for this year 2016.they recently got back from a trip to Turkey. Both ladies do not know Oyinlola famodun had been dating both of them at the same time. I want to believe that proposal on Bella naija was part of a movie scene!! Before other family members begin to know Lets avoid our women snapping like Yewande snapped and killed her husband oh!! Please find picture evidences below

You won’t believe that as we speak the sola lady is pregnant for Oyinlola Famodun They both went to turkey in November 2015 for her birthday and also Rome after Xmas 2015, just few weeks ago.both putting money together up to buy an apartment in Lekki and saving up for mortgage deposit in UK. I can’t believe this. As we speak she is not in the know of what is going on.Oyin quickly bought her ticket to come to the UK to distract her.and she is in Oyinlola Famodun’s house in Basildon, Essex UK as we speak. She meet at least once in every 6weeks and she stays in Oyins apartment in Basildon. People in the neighbourhood will testify they know them as they go shopping together . Oyin picked her up from the London City airport this morning . This guy has to be exposed! Both ladies deserve to know what kind of man he is.He is a liar and a thief as far as I know. I hve been hearing of other escapedes of his with several women.Enough of men playing with women’s emotions. This can lead to another stabbing or murder like story Yewande few days ago”.



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