I Do Not Only Love Foluke Daramola Salako, I Adore Her” – Hubby, Olukayode Salako Gushes


Rotarian Olukayode Salako is the founder and National Coordinator of the famous and vibrant social advocacy movement in Nigeria, Change Agents of Nigeria Network (CANN). He is also the celebrated and consisted hubby of the thespian and beautiful screen goddess, Foluke Daramola Salako.

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He has again come out to extol the virtues of his wife. In a chat recently, he said his love and respect for his wife will always wax stronger everyday because she is a good woman, who can be trusted. He spoke with Naija Gist and Gossip at an occasion recently gleefully of his wife as usual. Hear him: ” I have lived with Foluke unofficially and officially for more than 4 years now, and I want to restate it that she is an ideal woman who will always deserve the fulfillment of a properly consummated marriage. She is a spiritually influential and value based woman; highly intelligent, domesticated and very responsible too. who will always do anything to support her husband. I appreciate her more for her outstanding principles and ideal of dignity as a woman.

All Foluke wants to be and be known for is a role model to her generation. She is not materialistic; vain and vague and as well not wayward. One of the things that I also appreciate more about her is the fact that she has been a humble woman who has been living my life. She a praying wife as well. Foluke’s hubby include praying and fasting. She loves vigil, praying and reciting Psalms in her prayers. In fact, I do not only love her, but adore her as a woman for all she stands for and living for. I am always proud to identify with the Foluke Daramola brand. She is a very responsible woman and the best I can do to show that I cherish her is to marry her properly. And that is what we have done.”
He enthused. Remember that Kayode and Foluke recently formalised their marriage on Saturday, February 15 last month at the Ogudu Local Government marriage registry.
The couple both run the Organization, Passion Against Rape and Abuse in Africa (PARA Africa) www.para.org.ng

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