My Wife Is a Big Time Pock Noser: Is It Hereditary Or a Syndrome


I urgently need your advice Pls!

I married my wife 7mths ago after 1year courtship which most of it was a distance relationship. She works in Minna while I work in Lagos. 

2mths to our wedding, she came to Lagos briefly for preparations and after wedding we moved into a three bedroom apartment. 

The problem now is that my wife pock nose into other people’s affairs. She gossip and also takes pleasure in seeing people fight. 

One day, I came home to see a big fight in the compound and I heard that my wife had gossiped about one woman to another and that caused the fight.
There are occasions where she’ll keep malice with t landlady for flimsy reasons, sometimes she’ll borrow and not pay. 

Th last one that got me pissed off was last week when she got into a fight with a lady in church over unpaid debt! which took the intervention of the church pastor to settle it.
I am tired of all these, it’s shameful, what do I do?

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