3 Critical Things To Consider Before Having Sex With Your Partner.

Naturally, sex is a way to express love and attraction, that is why it helps strengthens emotional intimacy.
The hookup culture in modern society makes it look like sex is the best way to finding the right one. This has totally damaged the dating culture in our society because relationships are now focused more on s3xual intimacy than emotional intimacy.
Women tend to disregard emotional intimacy which includes sharing each other’s experiences, opinions and feelings. As much as physical intimacy is important, there’s always a reward for waiting.
Inspired by YourTango, here are three critical things to consider before having Sex with your partner.

1. Are you both interested in staying together in long-term commitment: 
Sex is a way to express love and attraction, which is why it helps solidify emotional intimacy. You have to first see yourself in a committed relationship with your partner otherwise, save yourself the heartbreak.
2. Are you satisfied with where you both stand:
Emotional security is constantly overlooked by most people and if you can’t honestly give a ‘yes’ to if you are both secure then you should reconsider the Sex. idea.
3. Do you both share the same ideas and values: 
It’s not how he feels about you, it’s how you feel about him. You should know how he fits into your life in terms of certain values such as work-life balance, religion, lifestyle, parenting style, religion, money management.

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