Did Emeh Achanga (Misspetiteblog) Find Love Again Or She’s Just Another Baby Mama?


Congratulations are in order as i celebrate fellow blogger Emeh Achanga of ( Misspetiteblog) on the arrival of her daughter, Jasmine, yesterday 3rd April 2016.

However, for someone without emotions who doesn’t believe that much in love, a statement made by the blogger herself ….

“I’ve been called emotionless..Maybe I truly am..Maybe I don’t believe in marriage..’Yep! I said it.

so, what happened? Did she find love again or got pregnant and the love wasn’t there cos she was once quoted to have also said….

“…Well, being very smart, I knew men were no good, so I made sure I was extra careful”.

Is she just a baby mama???

“I believe marriage is just sticking with someone else’s bull shit and accepting it and I have zero tolerance for bull shit so I wonder how that would work..lol

Girls make these comments after heartbreak and most of the time they don’t mean it, hopefully this is one of such cases. While all questions will be answered in an addendum post, enjoy her pregnancy photos, they are breathtaking…..

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