“I Only Wanted To Know What Sex With a Child Felt Like” – Church Elder Pleads After Raping Niece

A pastoral elder of the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) who brutally raped his 12 year old niece has pleaded for pardon after he said he did the act to know what it felt like hto have sex with a child.
It was gathered that the man from Jaravani village in Gutu (name withheld to protect the juvenile’s identity), raped his niece after his wife had gone to the borehole to fetch some water for domestic use last month.
He has now appeared before a Gutu Magistrate, Edwin Marecha facing rape charges. He pleaded with the court for clemency saying he was a first time offender and a senior RCZ member.
The 57 year old man claimed before Magistrate Marecha he only wanted to have first hand experience of how it feels to have sex with a minor.
“I can confirm that I called her (name supplied) in the kitchen when my wife had gone to the borehole. I forced her to sleep on the floor and removed her pants then I had s*x with her. I did not enjoy the act as I expected because my manhood did not penetrate her small private parts. I continued until I ejaculated ,” said the accused during the court trial.
He pleaded with the magistrate to release him so that he could attend to his family while waiting for sentence. He was however remanded in custody and will appear before the Masvingo Regional Court magistrate next week.

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