My Wife & I Had a Terrible Quarrel Two Days Before Our Wedding — Dr. Sid

One of Mavin Records artiste, Sidney Esiri, who is popularly known as Dr. Sid, speaks about his career and marriage in this interview with Sunday spice.
How would you describe your marriage so far?
Marriage is the hardest and best thing I have ever done. I have learnt how to adapt and connect more with my wife. I thank God that I have such a beautiful wife who is understanding, loving and caring. She loves me more than I love myself and constantly encourages me to be better.
How involved are you in the nurturing of your daughter?
My wife took some time away from work to raise our daughter. After our wedding, she was supposed to start her business but she became pregnant and had to adjust to her new role as a wife and mother. Now that she is back to work, I have taken up the daddy role, which includes changing diapers and caring for our daughter at odd hours. I am extremely happy and I have never felt this way before. A lot of people hear about marriage and think it is hard. It can be beautiful if you work towards it. I remember us quarrelling two days before our wedding and even threatening to pull out. But, our love for each other has kept us going. Right now, our marriage is on autopilot and we are just cruising because we understand each other absolutely.

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