Office Romance Dilemma! Please Advice, Am Dating 3 Men and Here Comes The 4th One


I just found this blog last week and ever since then I have read over 80 posts (advise and life issues) on relationships, you are fantastic and my life has changed.

Well, my story is a bit complicated and complex . I am dating 3 men at the same time and these men are all my bosses at work.

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Mr A was my lover , we met in Ogun state during my NYSC and we started dating , he got me a job in his office immediately after my NYSC.  Mr A was just the HOD of one of the department in that company , and I was employed as a contract staff . As time went on, the manager started chasing me, even though most people suspected that I was dating Mr. A but we denied it, cause it was against our work ethics.

The manager persisted until I had no choice than to give in because I wanted to be a permanent staff . As soon as I slept with the manager, my letter was signed automatically. I maintained the both relationship without them knowing cause they were both married, so I had my time to myself.

Then one faithful day, the MD came to inspect our office and I caught his attention, he started chasing me, I had to agree because I needed to climb in my career, so I slept with the MD and got a double promotion and a transfer to my dream office in Lagos.

It was a nightmare when I went for a meeting at the head office (also in Lagos) and one of the directors saw me and started chasing me, even though I’d left two of them in Ogun State, I am tired of even sleeping with the 3 men on my list , not to talk of adding the 4th one.

Pls how do I handle this situation ?
Quite my job ?
Break up with the 3 men and date only this director since his higher or add the director and continue sleeping with all .?
But am beginning to feel like a slut , and am tired .
How long will I sleep my way to the top?
Pls I need help , don’t insult me, cause many gals are victims of my story.

The End!

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