Signs You Mean A Lot to Him, After This You’ll Be Sure About Him

Having someone special is not only meant to make you feel special and cared, but can also turn your life around. Just as much as you die for your partner, you could be just as much a fountain of energy for him to keep them going.
Having someone in your life feels like a dream come true. Things seem too good to be true at times, but as women we tend to think and over-analyse a lot. I often end up asking myself if I mean a lot to him. Here is a list of 8 things that will show that you mean a lot to him.

6. He doesn’t make plans without asking you.

No matter how much an event means to him, he will always ask you first about it. He will never assume that you are free and just make plans with his friends or make reservations. He respects the fact that you have a life of your own so he doesn’t push you. If you mean a lot to him, then he will always respect your space.
5. He is always honest.
If you mean a lot to him, he will never lie to you. No matter what the consequences are, he will always tell you the truth. He values you as a part of his life and if he has given you a chunk of himself, then he knows that he owes the truth to you. No matter who he is out with, or what he did all night, he will always tell you the truth.
To be continued…..

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